2016 Phase II Grant Recipients

    Large Grants

  1. Boys & Girls Clubs of the TN Valley

    Project Title: Addressing Childhood Trauma 

    Many young people served at the Boys and Girls Clubs have or will likely experience “Adverse Childhood Experiences”, stressful and traumatic events that disrupt the safe and nurturing environment needed for them to thrive.  This program will provide the following four tiers or service to youth ages 5 to 18.

    • Connecting all youth at Clubs to a Caring adult mentor
    • small group support and delivering the “Ready, Set, Go” curriculum
    • Individual mentoring/counseling for targeted youth experiencing adverse childhood experiences and
    • Referring these youth to partnering mental health agencies for those who need more intensive intervention – all done with targeted curriculum and training.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Vice Chair; Stacey Braund, Bart McFadden and Lorene Jackson, Boys and Girls Clubs of the TN Valley; Dena Mashburn, Trinity Grants Committee Chair

  2. East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

    Project Title: “Grow With Me” NAS Care Coordination service and Outpatient Clinic 

    Children’s Hospital will establish the “Grow With Me” care coordination and clinic for children born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.  Approximately one third of the NAS infants born in Tennessee are treated at Children’s Hospital.  This service and clinic will provide continuity of care and resources through outpatient visits to these patients and their caregivers to age five to monitor their physical and emotional health, assess their ongoing development and help them understand the extent of their needs.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Vice Chair; Tracy Bock and Hella Ewing, East TN Children’s Hospital; Dena Mashburn, Trinity Grants Committee Chair

  3. Helen Ross McNabb Center

    Project Title: A Shot at Life:  Medication Assisted Treatment  

    Helen Ross McNabb Center will pilot a Vivitrol medication assisted treatment program for repeat, non-violent offenders to provide substance abuse treatment for opioid substance use disorders.   This drug reduces cravings and blocks the effects or opioids and will be administered for up to one year, giving the offenders time to get their lives back on track and reduce recidivism.  The program will demonstrate the potential cost savings and community benefit to help local government and law enforcement determine future program funding.  

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Vice Chair; Emily Scheunaman and Houston Smelcer, Helen Ross McNabb Centerl; Dena Mashburn, Trinity Grants Committee Chair

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Vice Chair; Emily Scheuneman and Houston Smelcer, Helen Ross McNabb Center; Dena Mashburn, Trinity Grants Committee Chair

  4. Impact America – Tennessee

    Project Title: FocusFirst – A High-Tech Vision Care Initiative 

    Many vision problems go undiagnosed in preschoolers, particularly in low-income neighborhoods.  Impact America- Tennessee will implement vision screenings by trained volunteer college interns in preschools and child care centers in nine counties in East Tennessee using a Spot digital screening camera to test vision in pre-literate children.  Children with vision problems will be referred to Sight Savers America for comprehensive follow-up care, as needed.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Vice Chair; Stirling Hutchins and Lowery McNeal, Impact America – Tennessee; Dena Mashburn, Trinity Grants Committee Chair

  5. Legacy Parks Foundation

    Project Title: Baker Creek Preserve Adventure Park 

    To combat obesity and inactivity, the Baker Creek Preserve Adventure Park adjacent to South Doyle Middle School will be built to have features that are specific to middle school students, the age at which the greatest decline in physical activity occurs.  Large natural structures, areas to bike, climb, jump, explore and socialize will all be incorporated in the area.  After completion, the park will be maintained by the City of Knoxville.


    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Vice Chair; Carol Evans and David Collins, Legacy Parks Foundation; Dena Mashburn, Trinity Grants Committee Chair

  6. YWCA Knoxville

    Project Title: Safer and Stronger:  Anderson County Domestic Violence Initiative

    The YWCA will provide victims of domestic violence with advocacy by providing direct services including safety, assistance through the justice system and crisis intervention to victims of violence.  This will be accomplished by providing direct services, education to professionals and community volunteers, building the capacity to fully serve victims and laying the groundwork for options to ensure safe, permanent housing that meet the needs of this rural community.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Vice Chair; Marigail Mullin and Alle Lilly, YWCA Knoxville; Dena Mashburn, Grants Committee Chair


    Small Grants

  1. Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee

    Project Title: Grandparents as Parents 

    In Knox County, approximately 260,000 adults, many over the age of 65, are raising their grandchildren.  CAC will enhance its current support group programs for grandparents to include night groups which will offer additional features not available in the daytime.  Training curriculum will include legal, financial, behavioral health, safety and educational issues. Additionally, a resource guide and training module, Guide for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren will be published, marketed and distributed.


    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Vice Chair; Susan Long and Janet Cockrum, Knoxville-Knox County CAC; Dena Mashurn, Trinity Grants Committee Chair

  2. Metro Drug Coalition

    Project Title: Hands of Hope:  Mentoring At-Risk Moms 

    Due to the unfortunate rise in the number of drug dependent babies born experiencing Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, there is a gap in resources to help guide mothers and babies through the first year of life.  MDC will provide a comprehensive one-on-one mentoring program for first-time mothers in addiction treatment and recovery. Trained mentors will commit to a minimum monthly contact with the mentee to help them maintain sobriety, be an engaged mother and create a healthy home environment.


    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Vice Chair; Courtney Neimann and Holly Fuquay, Metro Drug Coalition; Dena Mashburn, Trinity Grants Committee Chair