2017 Phase II Grant Recipients

    Large Grants

  1. Jefferson Rural Clinic

    Project Title: “Bringing Smiles Back” Dental Program

    Jefferson Rural Clinic will provide low-cost dental care for the citizens of Jefferson and Grainger Counties.  The service will be provided to those ages 19 and older whose household income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level (this income level qualifies 30% of the households in these counties).  With household incomes in the poverty level, familes are less likely to spend scare funds on dental care-the dental care that affects their overall health.  A full-time dentist, a registered dental assistant and a dental hygenist will be hired.  The dental clinic will provide over 4,000 appointments treating approximately 2,500 patients.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Gail and Ken Avent, Chris Ridyard, Jefferson Rural Clinic; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Member













  2. Legal Aid of East Tennessee

    Project Title: Children’s Health Law Partnership

    Legal Aid of East Tennessee will establish a “Children’s Health Law Partnership” in collaboration with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.  A lawyer will be hired and trained to work with the Children’s Hospital patients and families identified with income at the poverty level and who have non-criminal legal problems that negatively impact the child’s health.  When assistance is identified, the Legal Aid of East Tennessee lawyer will work with a medical team to identify and represent clients in need of assistance.  Their goal is to provide healthier and safer outcomes for children and their families when released from the hospital.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Debra House, Legal Aid of East Tennessee; Cathy Shuck, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Member













  3. Mid-East Community Action Agency

    Project Title: Healthy Smiles for Adults

    The Agency’s “Healthy Smiles for Adults” mission is to provide affordable dental care for residents who have do not have dental insurance in Roane and Loudon Counties.  A collaboration with local organizations and private dental practices is planned to ensure the dental health in these communities.  In addition to dental care, educating the parents and guardians of Head Start children on good oral hygiene and preventive care will provide a two generation approach.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Tonya Williams and Amber Jacks, Mid-East Community Action Agency; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Member













  4. Susannah’s House

    Project Title:  Mom’s Sevier County R.E.A.C.H. Initiative 

    Sevier County R.E.A.C.H. Intiative (Recovery, Empowerment, Activism, Children & Health) will operate a recovery support program in Sevier County for pregnant women struggling with opioid abuse disorder.  Physicians in Sevier County will provide the referrals to Susannah’s House in Knoxville for the holistic treatment and recovery.  Transportation from Sevier County will be provided for the women to attend the minimum nine-month program.  Aftercare and follow-up will be ongoing.  Dedicated graduates with at least one-year sobriety will be trained as “Certified Peer Recover Specialist”.  They will serve as guides for others trying to find their way through recovery.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Rebekah Fetzer and Cara Jordan, Susannah’s House; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Member













    Small Grants

  1. A Step Ahead Foundation of East Tennessee

    Project Title: Empowering At-Risk Women and Reducing NAS

    A Step Ahead Foundation’s grant is “Empowering At-Risk Women and Reducing NAS (Neonatal  Abstinence Syndrome).” This program provides the opportunity for women in East Tennessee who are working through addiction recovery to focus on their health and plan for their babies.  The goal is to decrease NAS through education and immediate access to voluntary, long-acting reversible contraception.  The results will increase positive pregnancy outcomes and education in the number of babies born with NAS in our region.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Wendi Mullins, A Step Ahead Foundation; Dr. Martha Buchanan, Knox County Health Department ; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Member













  2. Center of Light

    Project Title: Building Cultural Foundations in the Lives of Refugee Families

    The Center of Light grant will offer a program building cultural foundations in the lives of refugees and their families.  Center of Light seeks to connect refugees to resources, society and God and to culturally integrate them into society through a construction apprentice program.  These efforts will offer refugees the opportunity for honorable employment (at a living wage) and housing while participating in the construction training program.  Additionally, they (and their families) will be involved in an education effort to teach them English, how to better understand cultural barriers and to improve their life skills.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Isaac Pannell, Center of Light; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Member













  3. Concord Adult Day Enrichment Services

    Project Title: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Brains

    Currently, the CADES program at Concord United Methodist Church offers daytime care, companionship, assistance and structured activities to older adults who are unable to stay at home alone because of physical and mental impairments.  Research shows that physical exercise is an important intervention in dementia related illness.  Adaptive exercise equipment will be purchased to promote better health outcomes for these clients.  Staff training about the exercise element of the program will also be initiated.  Concord United Methodist Church will provide the space needed for the program.  The benefit of increased physical strength will promote better mental acuity for their clients.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Caroline Webb and Celia Gruzalski, Concord Adult Day Enrichment Services; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Member













  4. FOCUS Ministries

    Project Title: New Beginnings Transition Program 

    FOCUS Ministries will initiate the “New Beginnings Transition Program” as part of a multi-faceted residential re-entry program for men preparing to be released from incarceration.  This one-year program aims to prevent recidivsm and have men ready for full-time jobs.  The educational topics of the program are budgeting, savings, time management, addiction recovery strategies, parenting, continuing education and work placement.  Christ-centered mentoring through a residential living coordinator will provide quality supervision, support and counsel.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Steve Humphreys and Ken Sparks, FOCUS Ministries; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Member













  5. SOAR Youth Ministries

    Project Title: Lonsdale Fellows Program 

    SOAR Youth Ministries will create a “Lonsdale Fellows Program” – an intentional Christian community that aims to train future ministry and non-profit leaders to be the leaders in cross cultural situations.  The Londsale community encompasses large immigrant populations as well as the lingering impact from segregation and poverty.  The unique opportunities presented by this community provide an ideal setting to train these future leaders, enlisted from across the country, to work to bring about transformation.  A house in the Lonsdale community has been remodeled and is being privately furnished to house the participants.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Clayton Wood, SOAR Youth Ministries; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Member













  6. True Purpose Ministries

    Project Title: Residential Program for Pregnant Women with Substance Abuse Disorders

    True Purpose Ministries will establish a “Residential Program for Pregnant Women with Substance Abuse Disorders” in Blount County for Blount and surrounding counties.  The residential program will not only house women, but will include their children.  The 12-month program will provide the medical treatment and psychological training for addiction.  Included in the training are life skills, job training, transition assistance, controlling emotions, handling stress, parenting, fitness and exercise, and GED and college prep classes.  The services provided will equip women to thrive and succeed in society.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Jeremy and Lynsey Graham, True Purpose Ministries; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Member













  7. West Lonsdale Baptist Church

    Project Title: West Lonsdale Free Medical Clinic

    West Lonsdale Baptist Church will open the “West Lonsdale Free Medical Clinic.” The clinic will be located in a property currently owned by the church.  The Medical Clinic will provide medical, dental and vision services under the direction of Dr. David Rankin and a team of volunteers.  Consistent availability for primary medical care will be provided.  The West Lonsdale Baptist Church will be responsible for maintaining the property, the insurance and the utility expenses.  In this medically undeserved community, they will engage in building relationships and supportive spiritual guidance with their patients.

    Left to Right: Danny Pressley, Trinity Board Chair; Dr. David Rankin and Jeff Johnson, West Lonsdale Free Medical Clinic; Kay Clayton, Trinity Board Chair