Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee is sensitive to the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on our nonprofit community. Due to these unusual circumstances, the Trinity board has decided to suspend our 2020 Phase I grant cycle at this time. For those who have not submitted proposals, this suspension will allow you the time needed to concentrate on more pressing issues. Thank you to all organizations who have submitted proposals for the 2020 cycle. We will hold your submitted proposals and process them in the next grant cycle. This is not an attempt to withhold our funds this year, but a desire to help our many 501(c)(3) partners in strategic ways to overcome the impact of this evolving situation.

In keeping with our mission, Trinity will prayerfully and creatively evaluate ways to assist our nonprofit community to enable you to thrive and survive in the coming weeks and months. We will communicate next steps as soon as they become available. Trinity is extremely proud of the great work each organization provides our community. It is an honor to partner with so many of you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you walk this journey.

Trinity Heath Foundation of East Tennessee Board and Staff